There are two installation options: real-only (OS agnostic, no ROS dependencies) and real-and-sim (requires Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS Kinetic).


Python 2.7 is not supported. Please run your scripts using Python 3.6.


This installation only depends on python libraries and thus can be installed on any OS. We provide an installation script for Ubuntu (tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04), which you can use a guideline for installation on other systems (feel free to submit a pull request with an installation script for your system).

git clone
cd offworld-gym/scripts
export OFFWORLD_GYM_ROOT=`pwd`/..

To test the installation, do the following:

  1. Book your time slot at

  2. Copy the OffWorld Gym Access Token from to scripts/

  3. Activate the Gym Shell by calling source scripts/

  4. Open in your browser to see the real-time camera stream!

  5. Run the minimal example python3.6 examples/ and see the robot move.

Real and Sim

The simulated replicas of OffWorld Gym environments are build in Gazebo, rely on ROS Kinetic and thus require Ubuntu 16.04. The following steps will prepare you for running both the Real and the Sim versions of OffWorld Gym.


Please install the following components using the corresponding installation instructions.

For GPU support also install


The installation scripts scripts/ has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04.

git clone
cd offworld-gym/scripts
export OFFWORLD_GYM_ROOT=`pwd`/..

To test the Sim installation open two terminals, start the environment in the first one

source $OFFWORLD_GYM_ROOT/scripts/
roslaunch gym_offworld_monolith env_bringup.launch

and a Gazebo instance in another

source $OFFWORLD_GYM_ROOT/scripts/

To test the real installation please follow the steps in the previous section.